воскресенье, 26 июня 2011 г.

Boys collection for Pelican spring 2011

Summer trip

Do you remember my never-falling friends?
It's Crabber, Flyer and Loafer. Guess who is who...
Me and my friends had a summer vocation. It was Flyer's idea as usual. That is why we have spent the last week in the Mediterranean. It was a wonderful week.

Me and Loafer were starting our morning with lying on the beach. Morning was slowly turning into afternoon and then into evening. In the evening Flyer took me from the beach to the night club. At the moment Loafer was going to sleep. Me and Flyer were dancing all night long until dawn. So, the whole week has passed. And just Crabber was constantly reminding us that this beautiful time was going to be over...